Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Friday, October 18th, 1996

Yes, I am still disgruntled. I'm on the Ever-fucking-green gate again today. And as if that weren't bad enough my damn drawers are riding way the hell up my butt! I have some boxers with unbuttonable flies -- I hate flies, I never use them, just pull the drawers down when I need to pee. So my choice with these boxers is to walk around with my dick dangling around -- like a trained seal, my dick sees and opening and he's just gotta jump -- or wiggle -- through it -- or do what I did today and wear them backwards which means you have to dig yards and yards of cotton out of your crack every time you stand up. I guess there's a third option which is looking better all the time -- throw the damn things away and go drawerless.
Truck drivers are stupid -- it's lunch time, we've got two lanes going to the Evergreen scales. There's enough room for one more truck in the right lane. So I told the guy to pull up into the right lane. He looks down there and says, "The far right lane?"
I should have told him, "No, the far right-hand lane."

I don't get that right-hand lane joke either. Must be a callback to something I wrote earlier.

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