Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thursday, October 17th, 1996

I had to work the gate again today while Mahaffey, who doesn't even know where the lights are, went on patrol. Tomorrow I'll be back on the Evergreen gate.
Mullings screwed up my money again -- no shift differential for the 3 midnights I worked. I called Lisa and she supposedly has it straightened out now -- we'll see. I guess Roper had it even worse than me today -- he had to work the Evergreen gate and he didn't get relieved until 5:00. That dumb-ass Mitch Butler who was late relieving me yesterday was late again today -- for the last time -- he's history -- a footnote to history.

Mahaffey is Mike Mahaffey and we will see more of him later. Roper is Cory Roper and working at the North Charleston Terminal just about killed him. Last I heard he was in line for a lung transplant. Mitch Butler I have no idea who he was.

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