Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tuesday, October 15th 1996

Deana Carter was very nice -- and I was very calm -- so it was a good interview. It didn't look like it was going to happen for a while though. Kim is on a field trip with Cricket to pick a pumpkin from the patch, so I had to entertain Dylan -- the most surefire way being of course that big purple reptile from our imagination. But I couldn't find the remote control and when I did the VCR was so fuzzy you could barely make the figures out -- but Dylan was happy to hear the songs -- and he kept out of the way -- although he'll probably need glasses. He only interrupted a couple of times and then only to say "I watch Barney!"
Little Caesar's had a customer appreciation sale -- pizzas for $2.99, so I went to Oakbrook and stood in a line that ran all the way back to Bi-Lo. I gave myself permission to actually eat and enjoy pizza rather than sneak bites until I've consumed several slices without ever actually admitting to myself that that's what I'm doing. I thought about having a beer with it -- I don't know how long it's been since I've had a beer but it's been a while -- however after standing in that line all that time I didn't feel like waiting for anything else. I had seltzer water with my pizza and a little bit of semi-flat Diet Coke -- Yes, it was hot again today. We also did our weekly grocery shopping today -- Dylan had another screaming meemee fit when his banana broke -- as they always do -- I really think it's not the breaking of the banana that really sends him around the bend, it's the fact that nobody will help him put it back together
Deana Carter was funny. I told her that the younger version of herself in the "Strawberry Wine" video looked a lot like her. I was just wondering if they were related, but Deana was very appreciative of the "compliment." "Well, thank you so much. She is just so attractive."
She also asked me if I was from Louisiana, said I had a Cajun accent.

I was interviewing Deana Carter for Country Standard Time, a now defunct magazine. The reason I emphasize how nice she was and how calm I was is because this was probably my second interview I did for Country Standard Time. The first was Shelby Lynne and I was nervous -- and Shelby was terse -- and it was not a great interview. If I can find the Deana Carter piece I will post it.
It's funny that she said I had a Cajun accent. Somebody told me that today in 2011. I have never been to Louisiana.
That annoying way of eating pizza not by the slice but by the sliver is something I still do.

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